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Punexpected By Calum8mydad Completed

Down in his heart, Leo knew he has always been the seventh wheel. The extra. No one has ever truly needed him, right? 

He kept that hidden in his heart, though. Leo stored every thing inside a mechanical bank and deposited all his lonely feelings. He'd withdraw jokes, humor, and smiles to cover up his empty feeling inside. But being so lonely wouldn't be gone forever. 

Maybe the loneliness he was forced to feel caused his demons to awake. 

Because now, Leo is only half awake. One side begs for his friends, while the other would happily destroy both him and his family.


~this is my first story on wattpad, so go ahead and read my other fics. i swear they're better than this one~

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hitachainweasley hitachainweasley Apr 30, 2017
I feel a lot like Leo & friends and the only one who does not have a best friend in the group
- - Jun 06, 2017
Leo,out of all the Demigods,your my favorite. 
                              Why? Well you know exactly how to surprise me. Congratulations,you've surprised the unsurprisable Night.
snowflakefrozenseal snowflakefrozenseal Apr 02, 2017
I was reading this while listening to What a catch, Donnie by FOB. Is it bad that I feel sad?
uwuwhatsthis uwuwhatsthis Jan 31, 2017
Boi if y'all scene bois and gurls don't stop cutting yo arms with a linkin park shirt on I swear to all gods im going to commit suicide
Calum8mydad Calum8mydad Dec 26, 2016
I didn't even know that was a song 😂😂😂 I'll listen to it
Arwen_Summer Arwen_Summer Mar 06, 2017
Oh dear gods....
                              LEOS A FUGGIN PSYCHOPATH!! LEO WHY!? Then again, all psychopaths are hot, Leo should join them... Actually, MOST EVIL people are hot, not psychos.