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No age doesnt matter

No age doesnt matter

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Mbbaby By Mbbaby Updated Feb 28, 2014

Nicki minaj (30) 

Chris brown (22) not really but in the story

I was in bed sleeping when I felt crawling around my body. I opened my eyes and it was CJ and Amira they where tryin to get cozy.

Chris- *rubbing eyes* who's in my bed! Is it mommy!? *feels around*..... Noooo

CJ- Daddy! Hahag he's awake!!! Run Mir!

I grabbed there arms and pulled them up uncovering them and started tickling them.

Nicki- hey!! hey no. I said wake daddy up not play around

Chris- Ooo y'all in trouble.

I crossed my arms and looked at them.

Nicki- lets go to the table. And CJ! Your food better not be on the floor again!

Chris- hahaha *rubs head* how you feelin today?

I went to the edge of the bed as she walked to me I grabbed her waist and looked up. 

Nicki- good.... Nauseous but ok

Chris- you think it's a bug? CJ was sick last week.

Nicki- probably, yea I just need to lay down.

Chris- well we need to go Christmas shopping. And your parents are flying in and my parents are coming down today.... To...

trapqveeno_ trapqveeno_ Apr 14, 2016
. Okay this book just got really confusing.    U just need to stop
lizzy65291 lizzy65291 Jul 16, 2013
Ok now all we need is for nicki to stand up to her mom and defend Chris . Chris was brave to do that I would be afraid of my mothers reaction talking to her like that lol update soon
Mbbaby Mbbaby Jul 16, 2013
@NicsLilSis hahaha I love babies too!!! Ahahaha and I will barb hahah
NicsLilSis NicsLilSis Jul 16, 2013
I'm he stood up for her, but now Nicki need to tell her mom off cause she be talking about Chris. Post soon and I'm so happy she having another baby!! I love babies so much...great post barb!!
OnceUponAEmpireFan OnceUponAEmpireFan Jul 16, 2013
Yesssssss..... drake needs to chill and so does Momma Carol like for real......And really I get in trouble for dirty dancing wooooow okay....Haha Something different I hahahaha.....Nic is pregnant I can feel it
Mbbaby Mbbaby Jul 16, 2013
@Love_MisfitSpiffy hahahajahaja you are to funny hahahaha :D