Raven Girl

Raven Girl

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Samantha Balazs By sambalazs Completed

Nadine is an 18-year-old thief living in a nation of darkness. The people of Ravenna never come out during the day - not unless they want to be killed by the daylight horrors: unseen flying monsters that plague the skies. When a plot to steal Ravenna's Crown Jewels goes terribly wrong, Nadine finds herself teamed up (against her will) with a group of hostile allies, some from neighbouring countries, and forced to pull off an impossible heist for her freedom. 

They must journey across the country and break into an impenetrable stronghold. Steal an item that no one has seen and lived to tell the tale. Nadine is convinced they will tear one another apart before they find the artefact. But when secrets become revealed and they find out exactly what the flying monsters are, their mission gets even more complicated. Despite all the odds, Nadine and her gang might be forced to work together.

Cover by the amazing @All_AboutAssymetry

A Fantasy Featured novel
#8 in Fantasy

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secret1eh secret1eh Aug 07
Wen u relate to preferring the night bc you basically live like a vampire
I lost this book when Wattpad crashed. So glad to have it back!!
Such a beautiful start to this book. You sure know how to book a reader in. Good night 🖒
I wish I could capture the readers as this story had... it was really good
Joyann_1145 Joyann_1145 Jul 22
I loved this chapter. It was a great start to the book. I should of read this book early.
duchessdome duchessdome Sep 24
Great first chapter. I just finished reading villainous and I loved it... I look forward to enjoying this one too.. You're a brilliant author 👏 👏 👏