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Stronger Without You

Stronger Without You

17.8K Reads 687 Votes 8 Part Story
Quinn ~ By heyximxQuinn Completed

"I, Joshua Ryan Bailey, the alpha of the Black Moon Pack, reject you, Lilith Mirabelle Delany Blake as my mate and Luna of the pack!" 
Everyone in the pack house gaped, shocked that he rejected the only one willing to love him unconditionally, They all pitied me and I didn't need it, they thought I was going to cry but oh man how wrong they are. 
"Okay. I Lilith Mirabelle Delany Blake accept the rejection of Alpha Joshua Ryan Bailey as a mate and Luna of the Black Moon Pack." 
Joshua stood there, shocked that I wasn't even willing to fight for my mate, everyone in the pack house was shocked by the actions of us both and all stood there gasping and gaping. I had a smirk on my face, I wasn't hurt, but he was about to be. 
"I'm sorry" I spoke my words softly at first, drawing his attention and everyone elses as well. 
"I do not wish to have a mate whos head is so far up his own bottom he can't even see"
He was angry, his eyes becoming darker.
"Well at least I am not a disgrace to my pack and family!" His deep voice boomed. His parents, former Alpha and Luna gasped. I just stood there, I started to cry. I ran to my room. 

Hi, My name is Lilith Mirabelle Delany Blake and I am 5'3, I have naturally white hair that goes down to my waist, I am a tomboy and, I am kind, sensitive, and generous but when someone makes me mad I can be sassy, mean and violent. My mate is Joshua Ryan Bailey and this is the story of how he rejected me.

Nickisama Nickisama Sep 10, 2016
You already rejected so why would she even bother to fight not to mention that you bully her
gaubrielle gaubrielle Aug 17, 2016
You don't have any manners after you reject her first you want her to fight for seriously dude
ShaizaAslam ShaizaAslam Jul 05, 2016
You think you have a problem, try 3 other siblings getting on you nerves 24/7