Reptilians // Leafyishere x Reader

Reptilians // Leafyishere x Reader

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a part 6 jotaro kujo lover By pyroisnthere Updated Dec 23, 2016

OK OK, this is a joke alright m8s
(I'll make it good lol)

You are (Y/N), you just recently moved into an apartment but your neighbor is the infamous internet cyberbully, Leafyishere.

(Might contain language lmao)

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MisticalMusician MisticalMusician Nov 17, 2016
*Runs back with a rope and ducktape and plastic bag * " your coming with me😂😂😂😂😐😈😈😈😈😉😉
MondayHater11 MondayHater11 Oct 23, 2016
Knees weak, arms are heavy, there's vomit on his sweater already, MOMS SPAGHETTI.
YourCommonFangurl7 YourCommonFangurl7 Oct 22, 2016
........ what............. what positive vibes I have none ..........oh never mind I left them at home
ProbablyFangirlTrash ProbablyFangirlTrash Nov 13, 2016
OH shīt it's a leaf
                              It blew in through the front door
                              NOW IT'S ON MY FŪCKING FACE