Time Is Gone In A Flash (Barry Allen X Reader)

Time Is Gone In A Flash (Barry Allen X Reader)

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Lunalaixy By Luna34568 Updated Oct 15, 2016

You and Barry were childhood friends. You were there when Barry's mom was murder by the yellow light he kept talking about. You were the  only one who believed him.

Then one day...That all changed. Barry decides to move in with Iris and her Father, instead of you 

14 years later, You heard that an  accelerator was being turned on to make the world a better place by Dr. Wells. Your 5-year-old brother wanted to go see it, so you did.

Little did you Know that it was the day everything changed...

My cousin lost her mum to cancer when she was six and I had to explain to her that her mum was dead because she thought her mum was on a holiday
stephanie-s-d stephanie-s-d Dec 04, 2016
Oh hell nah
                              Nuh huh
                              He's gonna live with me
                              Back off I call dibs
Blinkingapple56 Blinkingapple56 Dec 29, 2016
I though he was 5 when you went to the particle accelerator.
ShadowQueen72 ShadowQueen72 Jul 23, 2016
Just a quick note, the accelerator was in Central City, and Barry lives in Central City. Not Starling. Starling city is where the Arrow is.
Bonnie_Silver Bonnie_Silver Oct 22, 2016
I really am a nerd. While watching the Flash, I understood all the science stuff while my mom didn't.
Luna34568 Luna34568 Jul 23, 2016
Thank you it's been a long time since I watch the flash, I am currently watching arrow sorry for mixing the to up