soulmates; ot4 5sos *COMPLETED*

soulmates; ot4 5sos *COMPLETED*

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phil trash #2 By oldaccsoz Updated Jan 15

michael has been bullied all his life for the way he dresses and how he likes boys and not girls, but everything changes when he meets his soulmates. yes, soulmates. as in more than one. as in three.

feminine!michael / innocent!michael / kitten!michael / fem!michael / sub!michael
daddy!ashton / dom!ashton / dom!luke / dom!calum

[lower case intended]

trigger warning: bullying, mentions of abuse, self hatred etc. 

ot4 story, calum x michael x ashton x luke (boyxboy)


Nadiabane Nadiabane Aug 16
This book is sad at the ending, you have been warned, I cryed FYI
Is it only me who, despite the very detailed description of his outfit, sees Mikey in an oversized black sweater, peeking past his too long sleeves and just letting out a cute little "meow"
that moment when you listen to Michael's demo of "she looks so perfect" while reading this lol omg my heart tho
After looking at this picture I understand why some people on wattpad are straight and some are GAY AF
Is that like 4 dollars? I'm just a dumb American so I don't understand things
no one here thinking the fact that Calum is such a daddy and Michael is such a cute kitten and just Malum all the way???
                              Just me?
                              Okay, I'll just leave now then, biiii