soulmates; ot4 5sos *COMPLETED*

soulmates; ot4 5sos *COMPLETED*

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phil trash #2 By mgcphans Updated Sep 13

michael has been bullied all his life for the way he dresses and how he likes boys and not girls, but everything changes when he meets his soulmates. yes, soulmates. as in more than one. as in three.

feminine!michael / innocent!michael / kitten!michael / fem!michael / sub!michael
daddy!ashton / dom!ashton / dom!luke / dom!calum

[lower case intended]

trigger warning: bullying, mentions of abuse, self hatred etc. 

ot4 story, calum x michael x ashton x luke (boyxboy)


Those sons a bitches being mean to my lil mikey!!! I'll beat their ass damnit!!(sorry for the offensive language)
TinaaxQuinn TinaaxQuinn Oct 17
He's literally an innocent baby sunshine and we must protect him
Anything looks cute on you Mikey! Had to get that put there.
P H I L L I P.  M I C H A E L. L E S T E R. W H E R E. T H E. F U C K. A R E. Y O U.
-yikesboi -yikesboi Sep 29
im saying yes bc i want michael to date calum,ashton,and luke, not dan but if it were in any other case i would keep my mouth shut boi