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Kashisha By lifestory1995 Updated Aug 29, 2016

I got tagged!

My awesome friends here tagged me so here it is!

Warning : After reading you'd think I'm crazy but I'll let you know that I, in fact, am crazy xD
So read on your own risk :p

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Dreamie_Birdie Dreamie_Birdie May 07, 2017
It irritate like hell.... mostly my friend adding a to my name it's irritating.... BTW u have nice name what your name meaning
funnyboneslol funnyboneslol Mar 16, 2017
I don't like cooking as well. Actually in our house my brother cooks n I eat!!
crescendo_s crescendo_s Nov 28, 2016
We poor humans have to wake up early almost all of our lives- For school, college, job, kids... Harsh reality 😣😣
RavaliRockz RavaliRockz Sep 28, 2016
Haa, the worst dialogue is "you gonna get eye sight soon!!"😕😂😂😂
RavaliRockz RavaliRockz Sep 28, 2016
Same pinchhhhhhhh 👌 (consider this emoji as pinching 😉😜😂😂😂)
V9863K V9863K Dec 01, 2016
I hate it when someone compares me with others or vice versa.