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The badboy's sunshine

The badboy's sunshine

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Suhasini By Suhasini2003 Updated Feb 19

I groaned when he grabbed me by my neck and slammed me against the wall and repeatedly punched my face. I willed myself not cry, I do not want to show him any satisfaction of the pain I'm in. His foot made contact with my side.SNAP! 
A scream ripped through my throat when I realise that he had broken my bones. Pain rushed through my body and I was struggling to breath and that's when I heard

"Hey! Leave her alone!"

I heard more footsteps coming my way and then groans and grunts.
Strong hands wrapped around me and I screamed loudly and thrashed against the arms as I felt pain surging through my body. 

" Sh*t" I heard someone say but I was in too much pain. I kept screaming until darkness met my eyes and everything blacked out.


Alex is from London and is now moving to Florida with her dad and her brother. She joins a new school, she makes friends with only one girl and likes to keep it that way. She doesn't want much attention and tries to keep her popularity low as she is still depressed by her mother's death.
But everything changes when she meets Leo,Daniel,David,Andrew and Connor. She finds joy and all her worries washes away. But at last and the most important thing is she finds love again. But what if there is someone still out there?someone from her dark pasta? Oops sorry I meant dark past?
Please read,share,like,and comment as this is my first book!!!

norwegiangirl norwegiangirl Nov 29, 2016
Hey, just wanted to let you know that in your summary/description of the book, the last sentence says"......dark pasta". You meant past right? (No hate, promise).
I wear black to mourn over my loss of motivation to do anything
needmusic2live needmusic2live Dec 04, 2016
Black I'm my favorite color but google is mean and says it's not a color but a shade jerk
GinnyEvansSkywalkerX GinnyEvansSkywalkerX Nov 18, 2016
I would be super mad at my dog for leaving a morning " Surprise "
maddiegeek101 maddiegeek101 Nov 10, 2016
............. so If she's very short at 5'5 what am I then I'm 4'11
Ok....I'm scared. My name is Alexis and my mom's name is Charlotte. O.o