The badboy's sunshine

The badboy's sunshine

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Suhasini By Suhasini2003 Updated Mar 28

" Was it hard?" He asks.

" Letting go?"

He nods.

" Not as hard as holding onto something that wasn't even real" I say.


norwegiangirl norwegiangirl Nov 29, 2016
Hey, just wanted to let you know that in your summary/description of the book, the last sentence says"......dark pasta". You meant past right? (No hate, promise).
I wear black to mourn over my loss of motivation to do anything
needmusic2live needmusic2live Dec 04, 2016
Black I'm my favorite color but google is mean and says it's not a color but a shade jerk
GinnyEvansSkywalkerX GinnyEvansSkywalkerX Nov 18, 2016
I would be super mad at my dog for leaving a morning " Surprise "
maddiegeek101 maddiegeek101 Nov 10, 2016
............. so If she's very short at 5'5 what am I then I'm 4'11
Ok....I'm scared. My name is Alexis and my mom's name is Charlotte. O.o