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Death Wish

Death Wish

15.3K Reads 313 Votes 4 Part Story
The Serpantking By serpantking Updated Jul 11, 2016

One new student starts to attend the school that is Honnouji Academy. However Satsuki and the elite four are amazed at what they find. His power is unbelievable even without using life fibers. How will they react when they find out the there's more than just one alien in their school? Is it possible one might fall in love with him?
(Kill La Kill X Saiyan Male Reader)

Js_Master Js_Master Oct 12, 2016
Don't tell me my boy is my grandpa. I'm sorry, I just like Gohan ^^ XDDD
Js_Master Js_Master Oct 12, 2016
Why don't I just, y'know, chop my tail off? I mean, I won't be able to grow it back until like, later on so....that's an option. It'll hurt, yeah, but it's an option.
Shadiciverson Shadiciverson Oct 04, 2016
Grades:exelent physical condition: near body builder but still thin like goku social life: would i be on wattpad if i had a social life
CandyMoon6583 CandyMoon6583 Sep 23, 2016
Social Life:Still non-existent
                              Grades:Quite good actually
                              Physical Condition:Noodly arms
Shadow1022 Shadow1022 Jun 10, 2016
I don't know who or what this story is about so I don't care who I am paired up with
BrendonRichey BrendonRichey Oct 05, 2016
Grades: excellent 
                              Physical condition: Not good
                              Social Life: Do imaginary people count