We are imperfectly perfect!

We are imperfectly perfect!

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Samaira Oberoi, 

A bubbly and independent girl. She has a well established company in London. A girl from a good earning family, has everything she could ask for. The only thing she wants now was a Prince Charming, who would love her and not just ignore her, like her childhood crush, Sidhant.

Sidhant Singhania, 

A handsome billionaire. Arrogant and rude at work but caring and loving in personal. Has everything in front of him in just a snap of fingers. He's got many girls crushing on him from his childhood. He knows it all but consider them nothing, including Samaira.

Now, now! 
What will happen when they meet after 9 years at their common friend's wedding?

With Sidhant being serious about life, unlike his childhood, and Samaira now being extremely beautiful and hot, unlike her childhood, how will they react when they see the difference in each other? 

Will they fall in love?

So, let's come and read together the love story of Sidhant and Samaira. 

Smile with them. Laugh with them. Frown with them. Cry with them. Experience being in love with them.

nikkitag nikkitag Oct 17
Hehe! Thank you for sharing your views! I am very glad that you are liking it! ☺️😘😊😘 @AD2455
Omg😍😍Deeeepikkkaaaa my jaan💕💕 you gave me a heartattack girl🙈🙈
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Your way of telling characters is amazing dear.. Loved it till now!! 😍😊
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Hahahhah! That's a great obsession then! It must be a great feeling to have such great fans!!! ☺️☺️☺️😘😘💕💕 @JanviKarbhari
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Hehehehehe!!! Well, I guess all her fans will be happy like you are! Thanks for sharing your views though! 😌☺️😘💕 @JanviKarbhari
You will find me crazy. But yes, I her biggest and craziest fan since 9 years. Since she entered Bollywood. I will ne always comment crazy stuff. Deal with me🙈🙈🙈