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Flower By fl0wersniffinwh0re Updated Feb 01, 2015

"I'm a stripper, not a prostitute." I say as he slowly pushes me against the wall. "Not much of a difference now a days." He says, raising an eyebrow.

 "You bastard. I don't even know why I wasted my time with you."  I say through grit teeth.

 "Cause you can't deny a good fuck and lucky for you I can't either. Keep the fucking money or I'm going to take you on the wall and not care who walks in." He challenges.
 "Even your wife?" I ask quietly.

 "Even my wife. Now what do you say?" He finalizes. I inhale deeply and narrow my gaze on him. "I swear to God, I loathe you." I murmur. He smirks, "Feelings are mutual." He says grinning and I crash my lips onto mine.

Coming in August 2013

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PerfectHope PerfectHope Dec 19, 2017
ok so i'm turn on from the first chapter ?? FROM THE FIRST FEW WORDS !!
Smurfff Smurfff Oct 08, 2017
I read this book a numerous of times and still feel as if it hasn't been fully appreciated like it deserves to be. It's pure gold lol.
hehe_hehe_he69 hehe_hehe_he69 Nov 19, 2017
Shut up you stupid ignorant girls god I bet if a guy said he only dates 105 pound women you guys would make a big deal
GBLAB_Mayo GBLAB_Mayo 2 days ago
No offense peps, but what do you have agents Latinos what did we do to y’all , and we are not evil unless we’re getting payback . Which we always do :)
kc1126 kc1126 Mar 10
💀Last week Rick Ross had a heart attack
                              We all going to hell
Bitch I’m jealous, cause let’s be honest strippers be gettin buckets