Control || Octavia Blake

Control || Octavia Blake

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ansley By Ansley_Petrova Updated 5 days ago

There were more things on earth than what the 100 originally expected. That is true. But they haven't met the desert wolf yet. The grounders fear her, the mountain men fear her.

She is the one thing they can not tame, She adapted to the bomb a different way.

She got the ability to shapeshift into a coyote, one that could not be killed and is extremely dangerous if angered.

But what if the desert wolf finally found its weakness, a beautiful girl that love to chase butterflies.

Story idea: _voidmia
Cover: @slothtato

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KnockingOnDeathsDoor KnockingOnDeathsDoor Oct 10, 2017
I'm not sure if its true but I belive its spelled Atom
                              But maybe not
XxWanderess XxWanderess Apr 17, 2017
Wait she was born during the apocalypse? Was this mentioned the first chapter?
XxWanderess XxWanderess Apr 17, 2017
Damn since when is malia good with math or even numbers at all
XxWanderess XxWanderess Apr 17, 2017
Yeah bc the only thing better than deer IS A TWO HEADED (/FACED..?) DEER
geeks-goddess geeks-goddess Oct 16, 2016
You know what they say; curiosity killed the cat..or was it malia?