Yandere!kakashixreaderxyandere sasuke

Yandere!kakashixreaderxyandere sasuke

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levi_37 By levi_37 Updated Jun 16, 2016

You were new to the village you only knew your old friend sasuke.  Before you moved away, but you moved back 7 years later.  You seen him, but it appeared he had moved on, he had a blonde friend who you knew was naruto, a pink haired girl you knew was Sakura cause she was your friend before.  But there was an older guy with them, with white hair a mask covering his mouth, and a bandana covering his right eye.  

But as soon as you got back in touch with your old friends, things went dark fast.  2 guys madly in love no this was more than love it was lust!  A love triangle that formed between you kakashi and sasuke, but what you never knew was how simple words could bring such a  disaster.  What you never knew was both kakashi and sasuke both told you rather simple questions, but with a dark consequence.  

After you said those words to both of them at different times.  You've pretty much drug your grave.

This fan fic is rated PG-13

    So I am the only one worried about the mask and then if he kissed the reader than that means we saw his face ????
    Ok so.... I'm not sure how I feel about this............... Kinda creepy..............
    He says he can't imagine a life without her...well what were you doing before you met her 😐😅
    80 feet long Rainbow and Golden Blonde and Platinum Blonde and Vampire Red hair.
    (I'm saying this young jiraiya style even though this is very obvious) wow kakashi-Sensei you're a perv
    enderpop enderpop Nov 23, 2016
    Bro, we just met today and you say you love me? This bitch is feelin' LUST!!!!