Yandere!kakashixreaderxyandere sasuke

Yandere!kakashixreaderxyandere sasuke

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levi_37 By levi_37 Updated Jun 16, 2016

You were new to the village you only knew your old friend sasuke.  Before you moved away, but you moved back 7 years later.  You seen him, but it appeared he had moved on, he had a blonde friend who you knew was naruto, a pink haired girl you knew was Sakura cause she was your friend before.  But there was an older guy with them, with white hair a mask covering his mouth, and a bandana covering his right eye.  

But as soon as you got back in touch with your old friends, things went dark fast.  2 guys madly in love no this was more than love it was lust!  A love triangle that formed between you kakashi and sasuke, but what you never knew was how simple words could bring such a  disaster.  What you never knew was both kakashi and sasuke both told you rather simple questions, but with a dark consequence.  

After you said those words to both of them at different times.  You've pretty much drug your grave.

This fan fic is rated PG-13

Doesn't onii-chan mean bug brother? So Sasuke called me big brother...
Aquazombie Aquazombie Nov 26, 2017
=w=; god please forgive me for reading this
                              Please make more
                              It's AWESOME! >w<
SadClown89 SadClown89 Oct 27, 2017
*starts to chain herself to kakashi* oh kakashi sensei plz stop
SadClown89 SadClown89 Oct 27, 2017
Calm down boys there is enough of me to go around every one will get a pice of this ass
carlaforpandas carlaforpandas Feb 08, 2017
So I am the only one worried about the mask and then if he kissed the reader than that means we saw his face ????
symmetry8swagger symmetry8swagger Jan 11, 2017
Ok so.... I'm not sure how I feel about this............... Kinda creepy..............