Half Blood Demon [On Hold]

Half Blood Demon [On Hold]

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Yasu-tan! By YasuBloodly Updated Nov 03, 2017

[Creepypasta x Male Reader]

Credit to the cover artist

Warning: Harem

Created: 27 April 2016

My first story in Wattpad!I'm sorry about my grammars*sob*
Its harem time~nufufufu*laughing like Daemon*

Its too dark,I don't know where am I
I was wondering when will I die?
The pain that I've been holding for such long time are begins to hurt me again.

"Come with me..."

A voice calls me out,an unknown voice.

"Its time...for you to know who are the real you"

[I own the story,I do not own the Creepypasta character except my oc]


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mea_kuun mea_kuun Apr 28, 2017
My mother can burn water 
                              I never even knew that was possible 
                              The water had some oil in it and it some how caught fire 
                              The woman is a wizard I swear
14_Coles 14_Coles Sep 30, 2017
My mom set toast on fire… in a pan. A PAN WHO TF COOKS TOAST IN A PAN ON A STOVE?!?!
Girl-In-The-Night Girl-In-The-Night Aug 09, 2017
Is that Kaneki, Ciel or some random anime character who looks like them?
Forever_A_Fangurl Forever_A_Fangurl Jun 13, 2017
Guys, I know who it is...
                              It's the tree behind the tree.         :33333
                              I    A M    G R O O T
                              xD Slenderman, leave the tree alone, IT'S HIS (OR HER) TIME TO SHINE
FennecTheKitsune FennecTheKitsune Mar 15, 2017
My parents were never married and my mother gained custody of me.
lilbeaniebooboo lilbeaniebooboo Feb 16, 2017
Every time it said mother I used a really stupid voice in my head :3