Blood Of Half Demon [On Hold]

Blood Of Half Demon [On Hold]

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Yasu-tan! By YasuBloodly Updated Nov 03

(Exam,wish me luck!Will be on business soon when it's December)

[Creepypasta x Male Reader]

Warning: Harem

Created: 27 April 2016

My first story in Wattpad!I'm sorry about my grammars*sob*
Its harem time~nufufufu*laughing like Daemon*

Its too dark,I don't know where am I
I was wondering when will I die?
The pain that I've been holding for such long time are began to hurting me again.

"Come with me..."

A voice calls me out,an unknown voice.

"Its time...for you to know who are the real you"

[I own the story,I do not own the Creepypasta character except my oc]


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mea_kuun mea_kuun Apr 28
My mother can burn water 
                              I never even knew that was possible 
                              The water had some oil in it and it some how caught fire 
                              The woman is a wizard I swear
12_Chloes 12_Chloes Sep 30
My mom set toast on fire… in a pan. A PAN WHO TF COOKS TOAST IN A PAN ON A STOVE?!?!
Is that Kaneki, Ciel or some random anime character who looks like them?
Guys, I know who it is...
                              It's the tree behind the tree.         :33333
                              I    A M    G R O O T
                              xD Slenderman, leave the tree alone, IT'S HIS (OR HER) TIME TO SHINE
My parents were never married and my mother gained custody of me.
Every time it said mother I used a really stupid voice in my head :3