{Living a Lie} A Bullied by The Pack Fanfic

{Living a Lie} A Bullied by The Pack Fanfic

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Totally (Not) Fine By Vourtix Updated Oct 31

<><>My name is Alex Aceti and my life is ruined by 6 assholes known as The Pack. Yea, especially my brother.<><>

()()()()Hi, I'm Vikk. My parents hate me for two reasons. One is because they wanted a daughter, I'll let you figure out the other()()()()

[][][][] They call me a tromboner, stupid, worthless, and worse. I don't say anything because, well, I can't. Callie, they once called me. Not anymore [][][][]

{}{}{}{}Jerome. You can call me Jerome. I may be famous, but I'm not proud of what I've become{}{}{}{}

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