Red Riding hood

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'Mad Hattress' By Purestarfire Updated a year ago
Some think the story of Little Red Riding Hood was a simple fairytale that was meant to be enjoyed, but they are wrong.
    really Little Red Riding Hood wasn't so little, and there might be more then one wolf in the story, this tale is about danger, destiny and love, and we all have a name even this girl with the red hood, and we all know that a mother would never name her child Red Riding Hood. 
    This is the story of a girl named Destiny, who on the very moment she was born a wolf cried out to the moon and on that very night their lives were intertwined. But of course with the good comes the bad, even though she does find love, danger lurks even in the brightest corner of her forest, and she may have to take an especially dangerous trip to visit her grandmother in the middle of the forbidden forest, to face an evil more terrifying then any story you heard about  Red Riding Hood to save the people she loves the most.
    Cover made by: cookie207984
    (Shout out to my girl, thanks a million, I love it)
I wasn't sure about this story at first by now I love or so much
This is actually really awesome so far!!! You, are one talented person :)
but aren't baskets weaved? there are many holes in baskets, so u can't carry water in them.
OMG!! the plot is SO amazing! and guess what? im also writing a story with the same title! although, m plot isn't gr8 as yours. u really have a great talent! :D
i love this chapter two it is better then before hope the next is as good as the last