The Only Girl In Samezuka (Matsuoka Rin × Reader)

The Only Girl In Samezuka (Matsuoka Rin × Reader)

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You and Rin's love life! Will you end up being together? Even if there is some rivals and troubles? Find out in this book that i made!!!

Info about you :

Name : sasaki kaori

Age : 17 years old

Hair : long dark blue hair

Eye color : dark purple

Hobby : cooking

Personality : didn't use dirty language, motherly, innocent, a little childish

Yeah damn right I look different. It's called puberty... everyone single girl hates it...
Sorry, but what is your native tongue, because you seem to be struggling with basic English words, but maybe it's just that you're typing quickly, I struggle to read it
And do you think you can hit the space bar more, it's hard to pick out the details from the dialogue even with the open and close quotation marks
-taehyoung -taehyoung Aug 25, 2016
Rin... What now you like haru... Well girl version of him kindaa
_SpiltMilk_ _SpiltMilk_ Feb 16
This story is going well so far but I was wondering if English was your first language, there's a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes. Other than that good job :)
daiosama daiosama Jan 01
Hey! Great story so far 👍but i cant help but point out is written gozaimasu (in romanji) i just thought you should know for future purposes...(not that this affects the story in any way)