Without You - Levi X Reader

Without You - Levi X Reader

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AgustDMahSwaeg By ChocolateTitan Completed

Book 1: Without You

Book 2: Who You

I didn't even had a chance to confess to him. He just let me see him being thorn recklessly and mercilessly in front of me. 

What did I even do to deserve this?

essiwecy essiwecy 4 days ago
I'm dead, died, and gone. Damn, that was low. And he's not even the right skin tone to be called nigga. So slang. Also nothing wrongs with gays(I'm not one) I respect them. Damn strait.
Im gonna say this befor i read, one of the tags to find this book, is BLONDECOCONUT, blonde coconut, that got me to open this book, you have my full atention now author~chan
I loved it only thing wrong is you used too much modern slang in this
What is this....Mystic Messenger? DO I NEED TO EAT EVERY SECOND OF THE DAY?!?!?!?
OH god I died from this story already 😂😂😂😂😆😆😆