The Girl Who Can't Be Moved 2 - Evil Always Wins [Sequel]

The Girl Who Can't Be Moved 2 - Evil Always Wins [Sequel]

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The Girl Who Can't Be Moved 2 - Evil Always Wins is the second installment of the saga based on a true story, with a spritz of fiction. 

Please, note that this is the sequel of The Girl Who Can't Be Moved, that you can read here:

Haley and Matt's journey has just begun. After leaving her hometown, Haley is now starting a life with Matt in Charleston. Easy to say, trouble is just around the corner. Will Haley and Matt be able to live their own life without the pressure of the past and the future? Will their love be enough when the ghosts of their past will resurface? Can they beat all the odds and have their own happily ever after?

This story has originally been written in 2014. 

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4everdauntless6 4everdauntless6 Jun 12, 2017
Phoenix by Fall Out Boy anyone??... Just me again...okay then ╮(╯▽╰)╭
Miss_steele89 Miss_steele89 Apr 16, 2016
You are such a sweetheart, ❤️ and I love you and your stories I'm so excited for their journey to begin again along with all their twists and turns and imperfections which make this perfect 😘😘
priya0602 priya0602 Sep 18, 2016
The first part was so good looking forward to this book as well ,though can't understand how can only few people are liking this story whereas I have seen that people r commenting and liking such mediocre work here at wattpad.
KinkyCeee KinkyCeee Apr 17, 2016
I'm glad #Maley finally adjust to each other in Charleston, they seem to be happy as ever in their new life...
                              Let's see what Destiny (or you!) plans for them...
                              xx, Cloé
AlohaElena28 AlohaElena28 Apr 18, 2016
Aahhh I was waiting for this for a long time. Carefree, happy and sated Maley. A wonderful and amazing start.  <3