Harry Black & Hermione Granger: Always There

Harry Black & Hermione Granger: Always There

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Bella Cullen By BellaMCullen Updated Jun 14, 2016

Harry Black and Hermione Granger have always had a special bond, despite a rocky beginning the two friends have been each other's confidant ever since. Hermione  had been the only true friend he's ever had; even Ron turned his back on him at once stage, but not Hermione. As they enter their fifth year everything changes with one kiss.

With one kiss a plan is foiled, love potions are broken and the true Albus Dumbledore is revealed. Just how will the members of the Order react to the fact their leader is a fraud. And the prophecy is false. The true prophecy lies with the goblins about a couple reunited despite all the odds to defeat the Dark Lord. How will Snape react when he finds out his mentor sacrificed his best friend. Join me to find out.

How will Harry feel when he finds out his father is really Sirius not James Potter and Dumbledore denied him the chance of a happy childhood

Cedric is still alive in this story and Harry finally gets the family he longed for as Padfoot is freed.

Overlays belong to @classy_stiles

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JazmynSkyFernandez JazmynSkyFernandez Dec 25, 2017
Come on! All you TT fans tell me you didn't remember them when she said "Raven" I sure bloody did