Goals 『Boku No Hero Academica X Reader』

Goals 『Boku No Hero Academica X Reader』

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Nana Hayamito(ㆁᴗㆁ✿) By TheWhaleNana Updated Feb 15

"I will achieve my goals, no matter how hard and tough it is I will do whatever to achieve it!"

[NOTICE] If you're not happy with the way I write or how I chose to write the story then get out. 

Various X Reader
Follows the plot of the anime/manga.
Boku No Hero Academica/My Hero Academia belongs to Horikoshi Kouhei. I owe nothing.

Cometsky Cometsky Sep 05
Had a feeling (about her powers being like Erza I don't know the other girl tho..)
Cometsky Cometsky Sep 05
I actually see this a lot. I ignore most of it though I read some stuff of about her peoples oc's though.
poppyppop poppyppop Sep 14
I thought of those two the second you told be my quirks omg I'm phychic
ForestPuppy ForestPuppy Aug 09
Welp I guess I'll be shorter than Levi from AOT. He might be happy about it though
JStarZ04 JStarZ04 Jul 15
Are you sure you aren't stalking me? This is REALLY my real self ofnhg
Everybody is commenting how fat they are😖
                              And I'm there like, 
                              Gurl if you're fat what am I?
                              I'm double their size
                              That's how fat I am!