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Raven17 By Raven17 Completed

In a world where four dominate races struggle to live together and survive, anything is possible. 
     When Araceli was only seven years old, she was kidnapped by a group of Vroulk, a species opposite of her own, the winged race of the Pavox. Taken to live in one of their cities as a slave, Ari's captives give her a new name for a new life: Kyra.
Ten years and two masters pass and all is as it always is, struggling to do her job, and try to stay out of as much trouble as possible.  Then one day, another stranger comes into her life, her master's nephew.  During his stay the manor, Ari can't get over the feeling that something is different about this Vroulk, or human as they call themselves and his kindness towards her is a foreign idea to her.
Soon, Ari will be in for the surprise and adventure of her life, where she will come to question all she has ever known in her life, both free and enslaved, Her journey will be one of turbulent skies and learned acceptance.  But with a little trust and willingness, anything is possible... even love.

Emma1388 Emma1388 Mar 05, 2016
I love your writing style, and your story line is so unique!
Raven17 Raven17 Jan 19
@Bigger_On_The_Inside  @aishafahaudhri it's a mix up of Afrikaans actually. Although I am uncertain of the correct pronunciations  though
Raven17 Raven17 Mar 21, 2016
@IcEandStOnE fledging is the process of a bird's maturing to the point where they can fly. It's sort of like puberty for birds. And a fledgling (with the l) is a bird (pavox) that is undergoing said changes
moonywolf72 moonywolf72 Mar 09, 2016
Really well done, I like how you slowly reveal what the world is like. You kept a clear picture in my mind while the plot still played out completely uninterrupted. I think this was really, really well done!!!
LukesofHazard LukesofHazard Jan 21, 2016
So... what exactly are Pavox? Are they being held captive by humans? It's an interesting story so far, but I am really confused
Raven17 Raven17 Oct 02, 2015
@LauraAnimalgirl sorta kinda,  keep on reading :) (if you like it that is) also I think all birds feet are considered talons even if it's a song bird.