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A ninja? Ha, no. I'm a ghoul.

A ninja? Ha, no. I'm a ghoul.

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Cookie-chan By CrazedCookie Updated Apr 20

A ninja? Ha, no. I'm a ghoul || Naruto/TokyoGhoul crossover >> 

I'm the monster hiding in the shadows. I'm the monster behind your shoulder. Basically, I'm a monster. My name is Ochita Akuma, and this is my story.

Akuma is a ghoul and finds herself in a sticky situation when she encounters a ghoul that eats its own kind. She was at the brink of death and that was when she was sent to Konoha. 

"I'm a monster, so come at me with everything you got, otherwise... You'll die."

WARNING: Extremely slow updates, gore, and terrible writing (worse than Sakura).

[TokyoGhoul/Naruto Crossover] [VariousXOC]

bright blue hair? yeah, of course, that's 'normal' and 'average'.
Sooooooo me 
                              But I can't see the stars much because
                              1. I live in the City
                              2. I have to go to be really easy to sleep because I have slight nocturnal issue
                              And 3. Because I'm forgetful and get so caught up in these stories
bummythor bummythor Apr 27
Give me a stick and I can handle a dog or so, anything else is above my pay grade.
As in like humans as a food, or humans as a friend like being?
Me in Naruto (out of 10 ):
                              Ninjutsu: 1
                              Genjutsu: 1
                              Taijutsu: ZERO ZIP NADA
                              Intelligence: 3
                              Weapon use: Nupe
                              Survival Skill: what survival skill
                              Deceiving skill: HAHWHATYOUMEAN
Ohayo means morning.. plus you spelled it wrong.. It's ohaiyo. Just letting you know