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A ninja? Ha, no. I'm a ghoul.

A ninja? Ha, no. I'm a ghoul.

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Cookie-chan By CrazedCookie Updated 3 days ago

A ninja? Ha, no. I'm a ghoul || Naruto/TokyoGhoul crossover >> 

I'm the monster hiding in the shadows. I'm the monster behind your shoulder. Basically, I'm a monster. My name is Ochita Akuma, and this is my story.

Akuma is a ghoul and finds herself in a sticky situation when she encounters a ghoul that eats its own kind. She was at the brink of death and that was when she was sent to Konoha. 

"I'm a monster, so come at me with everything you got, otherwise... You'll die."

WARNING: Extremely slow updates, gore, and terrible writing (worse than Sakura).

[TokyoGhoul/Naruto Crossover] [VariousXOC]

Sooooooo me 
                              But I can't see the stars much because
                              1. I live in the City
                              2. I have to go to be really easy to sleep because I have slight nocturnal issue
                              And 3. Because I'm forgetful and get so caught up in these stories
As in like humans as a food, or humans as a friend like being?
Me in Naruto (out of 10 ):
                              Ninjutsu: 1
                              Genjutsu: 1
                              Taijutsu: ZERO ZIP NADA
                              Intelligence: 3
                              Weapon use: Nupe
                              Survival Skill: what survival skill
                              Deceiving skill: HAHWHATYOUMEAN
Ohayo means morning.. plus you spelled it wrong.. It's ohaiyo. Just letting you know
This was described as an xreader which is annoying, but oh well.
My name is back wards it is akuma lilith lilith being my first name