A ninja? Ha, no. I'm a ghoul. [ON HOLD]

A ninja? Ha, no. I'm a ghoul. [ON HOLD]

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Qrowi By Qrowi_ Updated Dec 12, 2017

A ninja? Ha, no. I'm a ghoul || Naruto/TokyoGhoul crossover >> 

I'm the monster hiding in the shadows. I'm the monster behind your shoulder. Basically, I'm a monster. My name is Ochita Akuma, and this is my story.

Akuma is a ghoul and finds herself in a sticky situation when she encounters a ghoul that eats its own kind. She was at the brink of death and that was when she was sent to Konoha. 

"I'm a monster, so come at me with everything you got, otherwise... You'll die."

WARNING: Extremely slow updates, gore, and terrible writing.

Also CrazedCookie was my old username>> New user is Qrowi_

[TokyoGhoul/Naruto Crossover] [VariousXOC]


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Sooooooo I’ve watched one episode of naruto. Can someone please explain these Ninjutsu things please?
KogamiXxAkane KogamiXxAkane Sep 28, 2017
Dude just summon a giant as cat with an attitude so there will be some comedic relief
chocoratu-nee chocoratu-nee Nov 04, 2017
Maybe Akuma hates snow because of Hide dying in that kind of weather
Justawe2ome Justawe2ome Sep 03, 2017
I think her summonings are demons or ghouls lol that'll be good
THANKYOU FOR MAKING US LIKE WALKING IN THE RAIN. I swear almost no one at school or in my family gets why I like walking in the rain.
Westorice Westorice Sep 07, 2017
Oh great another main character... I'm just kidding it's a joke