Returning Home. BxB

Returning Home. BxB

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Skye By FallenSkye Updated Jul 14, 2016

Phoenix is back home, along with his best friend Viktoria. Desperate doesn't even describe Phoenix as he tries like hell to get over his mate who broke his heart, but things don't always go as planned.       

Jealous is one word to describe Declan as he has to watch everyone fawn over his mate and the beautiful girl clinging to his arm like a life preserver. The way the transformation took over his body and transformed him for the better, and he looks way too good for his own good.   

Small kinks along the way make the
 complications of their relationship... Frustrating. Love, lust, hatred, mates, rogues, and a few Mischievous Pixies turn them upside down and make them dizzy. But is it all for the best?

(sound good?) (p.s there might be slight sexual scenes but I'm not so good at  them so well see how that turns out :/ )


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et40589 et40589 May 10, 2017
I freak out for a second but I see u write another book👌👌👌😖
Theastic_2002 Theastic_2002 Sep 12, 2017
Umm.... Dude that was obviously your fault you crushed his heart so what do you expect say, "I'm sorry for what I did before blah blah blah...." Then boom instant relationship wow that's messed up dude😐😒
ZavinBudrose ZavinBudrose Mar 15, 2017
Wew the story is impressive and its not what i expected from the OUAR
siyawna siyawna Apr 03
Idk how but thus happened to me before longggg story short I ended up in love?
I know an annoying guy named Declan from school. My hatred for his character just grew 100x more just for sharing his name
*Every female character*
                              Me: Hmm a new love interest for Vik