An Unspoken String of Love ✔(Love & Baby #2)

An Unspoken String of Love ✔(Love & Baby #2)

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Being a parent is considered to be one of the greatest happiness. Not only does it brings joy in one's life, but also gives them a new identity of a parent. 

Anaisha and Kabir Thapar, are a happy doctor couple. With the arrival of their twin sons, their happiness only increases 10 folds. But it isn't destined to stay for long as fate snatches one of their babies away from them.

This incident affects them so severely, that Kabir loses all hopes of ever having a normal life with his depressed wife and his son.
But fate's not so cruel, and one fine day, something happens which only brings back their lost happiness and the blissful life he wishes to live with his wife and sons. 
Co-plotting Credits : @sanaarora93

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