Fox and the Hound [Benny Weir]

Fox and the Hound [Benny Weir]

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Moonlight233 By Moonlight233 Updated Nov 26

"I'm surprised you told me..."

"Well yeah... I thought I could trust you... Besides, your obviously not new to the supernatural world..."

"Heh... Obviously... I mean, my best friends babysitter's a vampire..."

[MBAV TV show Season 1 and 2]
[I own no characters from the original show. Abigail and the people from her past belong to me]

but seriously if she turns out a hale or she got bit by peter or she knows scott and stiles or something im going to lose it😂😭❤️
Already in love with the book because you mentioned teen wolf
kittiin kittiin Aug 09
you don't need to know American things to write an MBAV fanfiction. Only Canadian things. :P it's a Canadian TV Show.