Fox and the Hound [Benny Weir]

Fox and the Hound [Benny Weir]

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Moonlight233 By Moonlight233 Updated Feb 07

"I'm surprised you told me..."

"Well yeah... I thought I could trust you... Besides, your obviously not new to the supernatural world..."

"Heh... Obviously... I mean, my best friends babysitter's a vampire..."

[MBAV TV show Season 1 and 2]
[I own no characters from the original show. Abigail and the people from her past belong to me]

Ivette-Argent Ivette-Argent Oct 12, 2016
but seriously if she turns out a hale or she got bit by peter or she knows scott and stiles or something im going to lose it😂😭❤️
I've killed an innocent life and my eyes aren't bright blue...
Rachael_Stilinski Rachael_Stilinski Apr 28, 2016
Already in love with the book because you mentioned teen wolf
kittiin kittiin Aug 09, 2016
you don't need to know American things to write an MBAV fanfiction. Only Canadian things. :P it's a Canadian TV Show.