The Dark Deceit (The Dark Prince. Book 3)

The Dark Deceit (The Dark Prince. Book 3)

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Emma Leech By LaDameBlanche Completed

Appearances can be deceptive.

Like Snow White's apple the exterior may be shiny and innocent, while underneath a secret lurks, a maggot writhing at the core. At the heart of the fae lands lies a secret that could tear apart everything Prince Corin has come to love and hold dear but it is a secret he himself must keep.

Secrets, lies and scandal, are the coin of the fae court and no man's reputation is more scandalous that the Duke of Dannon. 

Boredom has drawn him to turn his elegant hand to the dirty work of being the Queen's chief spy and... secret lover.  Feared and admired, his dark reputation does little to keep the women from trying to snare him, a fate that he refuses to contemplate.

A sickness born of the human realm looms over the fae like a dark cloud as the tainted mortal world begins to poison both them and their land.

The Queen however has a plan; as rumours reach her that a faery man, long since dead and regarded as a saint for his incredible healing powers, fathered a child in the mortal realm. If the man's gift has been passed on... to his great, great granddaughter, Anaïs, the Queen wants it; and Dannon is just the man to get it for her.

Corin, Laen and Dannon will soon be drawn towards a bloody battle for power...

...will it be Anaïs who tips them over the edge?

NB. Part three of The Dark saga.
The Dark Prince
The Dark Heart
The Dark Deceit
The Darkest Night.

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I have enjoyed reading your books immensely.  I can't wait to get into this one.
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I absolutely LOVE these books and i'm so excited for this one!!!
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