It's A Thing Called Love ~Individual Rp~

It's A Thing Called Love ~Individual Rp~

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Bob The Blob By Xx_FireBird_xX Updated 6 days ago

Please PM me about ideas for characters ^-^

Seriously I'm running out of ideas. 

I'm also incredibly lazy.

AlaskaWoods AlaskaWoods Oct 09, 2016
Hello.... I really want to join this roleplay but since I only get on when I have time... Mostly during school hours... I was wondering if that's okay with you. I really will put it efforts in my responds and hopefully you cab expect that?
JayTh3Fox JayTh3Fox Dec 25, 2016
Name: Jaysean Smalls
                              Age: 16
                              Personality: Shy, kind, usually mad because of something.
                              Other: Has asthma, but runs at about 10 mph
Wolf_Dragon_Blood Wolf_Dragon_Blood Sep 25, 2016
name: Night 
                              Age: 18
                              Personality: cold at first but softens up to Friends 
                              Looks: profile pic what you can see is I have ears
                              Others: loves the dark and donuts
XxX_HeAtHeNs_XxX XxX_HeAtHeNs_XxX Oct 28, 2016
Name: Cliona
                              Age: 20
                              Personality: kind,helping,funny,loving
                              Looks: black hair,white skin,black eyes
                              Other: she is a banshee
Shadow_Kindai Shadow_Kindai Oct 03, 2016
Name: Shadow Kindai
                              Age: kind, gentle, protective, smart, strong
                              Looks: profile pic
e-moran e-moran Dec 05, 2016
I would request something, if only I knew what exactly I'd be interested in? I'm awfully uncreative when it comes to requesting things that others would essentially play. so could you possibly create some random character? it'd be boyxboy, but besides that anything goes I guess?