It's A Thing Called Love ~Individual Rp~

It's A Thing Called Love ~Individual Rp~

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The Blob By Xx_FireBird_xX Updated 6 hours ago

Please PM me about ideas for characters ^-^

Seriously I'm running out of ideas. 

I'm also incredibly lazy.

Atlas1756 Atlas1756 Jun 20
Name: Keith Miles.
                              Age: 21
                              Gender : Male
                              Species: Witch Hunter. Aka Mage killer.
                              Looks: think the Witcher 3 armor. He was light blonde hair with ice blue eyes
Jackson Marks
                              Age: unknowm
                              Personality: yandere, sad, possessive
                              Looks: tall, built, lomg brown hair with green eyes
                              Personality: Jackson is very yandere, protective and mean but when it comes to his lover hes a true gentlmen, dork, and a great one in bed~, but he will kill to keep his lover, I know you don't like making alot of male requests, but can you for me? Since i do all the males in out rps
AlaskaWoods AlaskaWoods Oct 09
Hello.... I really want to join this roleplay but since I only get on when I have time... Mostly during school hours... I was wondering if that's okay with you. I really will put it efforts in my responds and hopefully you cab expect that?
name: Night 
                              Age: 18
                              Personality: cold at first but softens up to Friends 
                              Looks: profile pic what you can see is I have ears
                              Others: loves the dark and donuts
XenomorphQueen101 XenomorphQueen101 3 days ago
Name: Luna
                              Age: 18
                              Personality: kind, sweet, loving, annoying, childish, country-girl
                              Other: has a male German Shepard named Max