His Half-Blood Princess {Severus Snape}

His Half-Blood Princess {Severus Snape}

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I never knew who I am, I have to admit. But for all I know, they call me Scarlet Liana Carter. A witch, now in my 5th year at Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft & Wizardry. You think I would love looking so perfect. But behind all that? I'm the last piece of another war, and they're trying to hunt me down... 

Plus, I'm starting to have this strange 'romantic' feeling.

 Is this normal? 
Towards a specific wizard you've been with ever since you were little?

With the hard trials of each year, it starts to come around when I need a bit of help... yet from who? And with my family's old powers haunting me? This school year is gonna be a long and wild rollercoaster. 


(A Harry Potter Fan Fic.)

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Some are only made up by author/me.


But at this point Hermoine would have been like 3 ish. So wouldn't hermoine be a replica of Lyanna?
SapphBrown2 SapphBrown2 Feb 09
At first I was scared. I was... *shows Hermione in hospital bed*...petrified AGSGHAHAHha ineedalife
loki_of_slytherin loki_of_slytherin Oct 22, 2016
Have you ever had to stop reading a fanfic because you were fangirling too much? Yeah, well that's me at the moment.
Wait. She's a 5th year. She refers to him as Professer Snape........that means Severus is her teacher! That is illegal.....yeah.
Okay, I swear I'm not joking: I have a previously planned out OC named Scarlet Carter!!
firefliesandforevers firefliesandforevers Nov 11, 2016
Oh Bianca, I'm here! Hahaha, didn't expect me to read it at this moment don't you? Finally got time to read it! See you tomorrow, but you probably might kill me on sight. :)