Bingsepticeye and Antisepticeye X Child! Reader

Bingsepticeye and Antisepticeye X Child! Reader

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You're sick of your parents. They always fight and never listen to what you say. You're so sick of your parents, that you wonder what they would do if you weren't ever there. If you had disappeared, vanished, faded. You take that chance...

This will be kinda sad, but it will get better.... I hope. This is my first book, so please tell me if anything is wrong! Thank you for following the development of the book!

P.S (I couldn't have been able to write this book if it weren't for @KaraTheGamer for giving me support and confidence! Go check out her books!)

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LunrFox LunrFox Jul 31
I (Willow) just continue playing Overwatch on the Xbox. I love this game
Nisa5552 Nisa5552 May 27
I'm probably the only one who plays old consoles here XD (Golden Axe on the Sega Genesis (no not that copy for PlayStation))
- - Mar 25
oh god i forgot what it's like to be 10 😂😂 there are so many kids here jfc y'all should save your innocence
KalBri KalBri Aug 01
I grab my black backpack and I grab my black sweater and a black scarf that matches a black beanie. I put on a black pair of converse and put my backpack on. I think that's enough black
ReneeBeatrizPascua ReneeBeatrizPascua Dec 28, 2016
                              WELL MY 1 CLASSMATE IS A PLASTIC DOLL!
I thought that it said bingsepticeye and antisepticeye × childish reader