Harry Potter Characters X Reader One shots

Harry Potter Characters X Reader One shots

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StarChaos01 By StarChaos01 Updated Jul 28, 2017

I will be writing one shots for a lot of the harry potter characters. 

I'm open to requests and I would be glad to write what you would like.

A few keys:
Y/n= your name
L/n= last name
H/c= hair colour
E/c= eye colour
Y/h= your house

If I have missed anything and there is something new in the story I will fill in a new key thingy.

P.s. I do not own harry potter!!!!

Edited* requests closed for now

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                              Character(s)- Fred and George Weasley 
                              Fluffy and some smut plz
Sekaveco Sekaveco Apr 29, 2017
Onna Sekavec
                              Profile pic
                              5"0 and Dracos like 5"5 or something idk
                              Plot is when they are going to the court yard and Draco pulled her to the side to ask her the question (idk)
Ilestr101 Ilestr101 Jul 09, 2017
Draco malfoy 
                              Draco bullies you because he loves/likes you
wyattxuris wyattxuris Mar 30, 2017
George Weasley 
                              Me, Fred and George are good friends, but Fred knows that George likes me...
                              I'm in the same year as them (4th) and I have long brown hair, brown eyes and glasses
lxmos_nox lxmos_nox Aug 12, 2017
                              Scenario: it's our first ever fight, set after the yule ball and we end up in bed together the next morning
                              Can you add my name (Maddie)  pleasee thanks xx
Fallen_Angel186 Fallen_Angel186 Apr 30, 2017
Draco malfoy
                              on the train and we started talking
                              2nd year
                              brown eyes, shoulder length blonde hair.