Vampire Aura~ ||Diabolik Lovers x Reader Assortments|| {Completed}

Vampire Aura~ ||Diabolik Lovers x Reader Assortments|| {Completed}

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Y/n could be Yandere, Tsundere, Kuudere, Insane, Heartbroken, Goofy, or even male. How will the Diabolik Lover's harem react to such randomness? Well, Azusa-san will show you the way during the time you read this book . It is a collection of lemons, short stories, oneshots, scenarios, and other featured random parts. This book will always be ongoing and up on requests unless there is a minor author's block or a serious event. I hope you enjoy this book. I dedicate this to all of my past readers and future readers. Requests are currently closed. Visit story section 23 for update schedule. Written stories and Cover made by Diabolikluv.

{COMPLETED} > See last part of book for more details...

|Written by Azusa|

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     ~Can.. we be.. friends?

Thank you for screaming now everyone knows 'note the sarcasm'
my brother came in and thank freckled jesus he didn't see the screen he hates anime
i should call 911 then, or call a doctor, because this poop ain't normal
can someone please write a truth or dare story with liato x reader
KJonesB KJonesB Aug 02
IT WAS GREAT. Kanato is a precious little thing. And I love him
LIBlues47 LIBlues47 Sep 29
"She makes me hot."                         *nosebleeds off into the sunset*