Yuri Lemons

Yuri Lemons

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Girl x Girl Lemons

Don't judge, love is love :3

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Violina_02 Violina_02 Sep 29, 2017
Why? Just why? Curse me for being bisexual. Keep it up tho...
BossTheroy2 BossTheroy2 Dec 21, 2017
I know what this means but it still sounds like she is actualy going to eat her
fabledFoliage fabledFoliage Dec 11, 2017
I didnt know my girlfriend's nane suddenly turned into Amy and she had green eyes and I definitely didn't know I just now dyed my hair pink XD
WolfGirl2828 WolfGirl2828 Oct 18, 2017
Omg i was eating cerial while reading your comment and i busted out into laugher 😂😂😂
BrokenNoodles BrokenNoodles Sep 29, 2017
If I was Ray my nails would keep poking Fiona. Like
                              Ray tried to carefully unclasp Fiona's bra but her long ass nails would let her cause she got dem cat nails purrr
                              (Sry lol ADHD)
caity-devil788 caity-devil788 May 03, 2017
I need some help. I honestly don't know if I'm bisexual of straight. I'm a girl, and these turn me on. I'm a girl, and boy x girl turn me on. Both Yuri and straight. Maybe a bit of yoai. If anyone can help, I am SUPER embarrassed! This is really embarrassing!!!!💓