babyboy | narry

babyboy | narry

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a. By sadisms Updated Jul 06, 2017

❝ you're a good boy, 
aren't you, babyboy? ❞ 

❝ y-yes, daddy. ❞ 

❝ then prove it. ❞ 


in which a newly divorced thirty-year-old man becomes deeply infatuated with a sixteen-year-old boy who just recently moved across the street.

but, little did he know, that his "infatuation" would become something he'd never expected.


contains: smut, daddy!kink, boyxboy, a large ass age gap (14 years), and a bunch of other things i can't think of atm aha.

*if you are uncomfortable with these topics, then i suggest you shouldn't read this.*

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zarrybracelets zarrybracelets Jul 06, 2017
'Cool summer night air' nigga it's 102° degrees in Louisiana. HOT AF
boysfan boysfan Jul 06, 2017
an innocent 16 year old doest exist buhhhh if it does tell him to hmuuuu
bubblegum__baby bubblegum__baby Nov 19, 2016
I would have fooked that sentence all up oml why you so perfect 'arry
_Bluntlesszouis_ _Bluntlesszouis_ Feb 15, 2017
From subway ? He liked little boys to Harry and guess where he is now