A Foxes Groom BWWM

A Foxes Groom BWWM

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Reign of Kween By LBKeen Updated Feb 13

Shining bright even with no light.

Theresa "Monet" Burns is living two lives at the moment. 

Life one, is as the world renowned pop diva Monet, whose global success has fans begging for more.  

Life two, is the Theresa from a Viginian small town, whose story is worth more tears then smiles.  

The two identities share one single thing in common and its a furry little secret, that no one..absolutely, no one should find out about. Especially not the public. After all, she's the last of her kind, the fox Changelings that is, and she had no interest in having to explain what she is to a bunch of humans. 

A darkness that yearns for the starry night. 

Dorran Taft, a man of few words and ruthless boss of two separate worlds, finds his new interest lying with a mysterious woman he spends the night with. Who is she? And why can't he seem to get her out his head? It doesn't help, that he's not only feeling this way about Theresa, but he finds himself feeling the same attraction for another one as well. 

Dorran finds his interest now peak, and won't stop at anything till he figures out Theresa's and Monet's secret. 

Two people both hiding behind mask, to keep their hearts safe will find themselves face with challenges and obstacles that force them to be together, and Dorran may find himself  "The Fox's groom. "

#2 to the Changeling Series, following "The Wolfs Bride"

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AngelaKohn AngelaKohn Nov 27, 2016
😏 Not trying to change your thoughts or rewriting your book...She closed her eyes feeling a "sense of peace"...❤️️ Blessings 🙏🏽 Namaste 🙏🏽