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Boruto And Sarada Back In Time

Boruto And Sarada Back In Time

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fan-of-fiction32 By fan-of-fiction32 Completed

Boruto looked around at a unfamiliar konoha. He began to freak out. "Where the hell am I!" He turned to his left to see sarada by his side and his right a random stranger. He was staring at the stranger like he knew him but couldnt quite put his finger on it. The person had a black and orange jumpsuit with a uzumaki clan symbol on the back he also had yellow hair and blue eyes like his. That's when he realized it was his father. (This book is dedicated to Loru321 thank you for all your kindness, I will do my best and make this book the best book of all time!)

AbbyThePanda1 AbbyThePanda1 Aug 03, 2016
I know you've already heard it, but watch were you put the suffixes. (Ahhh I feel terrible, I hate correcting people)
SasuSakuSaraUchiha SasuSakuSaraUchiha May 16, 2016
Again! Why is there a "sama"? 
                              Sama means "lord" or "lady"!
                              Like tsunade-sama! (Lady tsunade) or hokage-sama! (Lady/ lord hokage!)
                              Why -the heck- is he calling his own son "lord" Boruto!?
Naruto: Who the hell are you???
                              Me: ( appears out of knowere ) Your son and your worst nightmarer caus he is super annoying - wait he is just like you though...
Loru321 Loru321 Apr 17, 2016
I think this is a good start for your first chapter! I'll happily give advice for future chapters!
AbbyThePanda1 AbbyThePanda1 Aug 03, 2016
Um, ok I hate correcting people, I really do, but when Naruto was 14 he was training with Jiraiya. They would be 12-13.
ThatShadowhunterlife ThatShadowhunterlife Oct 25, 2016
Check out my naruto story? Please and thank you! Also don't forget to comment and vote!!