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You Are Mine, And I Am Yours. {boyxboy}

You Are Mine, And I Am Yours. {boyxboy}

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Author-Chan By _Author-Chan_ Updated May 12

"I love you, baby." My mate whispers in my ear.
"I love you, too." I tell him, putting my hands on his broad shoulders. He rubs my small baby bump.
"And I love you too, baby." He kneels down and rubs his nose against my belly button. The pup in my womb wriggles when they hear their father.
My mate, my other half, looks up at me, his obsidian black eyes shining with pride.
"You're going to be amazing momma, Keegan." He says.
I smile, running my hands through his sandy blond hair and petting his blond ears. "And you'll be a stunning father."
"Eh?!" I gasp.
My mate wraps his arms around me. "W-What's happening?!" I demand.
"Rouges!" He tells me, his voice laced with fear. "They've broken through the border. You need to hide, Keegan."
"N-Not without you!" I yell, grabbing his shirt. "I wont go without you!"
"I have to help the warriors." He kisses me sweetly and pats my belly. "Just go and hide. I'll find you after."
"O-Okay... Come back soon."
"I will, baby."
He runs off and I watch him. After he disappears from my line of sight, I go to run up the stairs. Suddenly, I hear the breaking of glass and a rouge howl. Its right behind me.
I scream as its red eyes land on me. The inky black pupils dilate and the rouge runs towards to me.
"No!!!" My mate hollers. "No, Keegan!!!"
Hey. The names Keegan Raine Elite. I'm seventeen years old and the son of the Omega couple in my pack. I'm soon to find my mate. I hope to meet him soon. I've never doubted that my mate would be a male. Having a female mate just never sparked my interest. It probably has something to do with me having a female wolf instead of a male, that matches my gender. It sorta make me able to have kids and... Its confusing... Ill talk about it later...
Its... funny... how you're whole life can change with just the blink of an eye. Isn't it, Grayson Bailey Kingston?

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