Until he came along

Until he came along

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"Hey urmm you know I never got your name?" Seth questions looking confused...
"That's because I didn't say" I grumble out,
"You-you j-just talked to m-me" he stutters...
"Yes so" I hiss out giving him a pointed look,

"N-nothing it's just you've never spoke to me before"
"Well I've hardly spoken to anyone here before so you should count yourself lucky" I mumble...
Emma is a girl hiding behind skinny jeans and oversized hoodies who beneath all the layers of clothes she is broken beyond repair... 
She wasn't always this way only did this start to happen was when she was 12 and her mom passed away whilst giving birth to her little brother.
After this, her father turned abusive when her brother was just a few months old, but Emma did everything to protect her brother and let her father take it all out on her for the past 5 years whilst she forgot any other feelings other than pain and anger unless it came to her brother... 
Until he came along...



Y'all crazy I wake up at 8:10 and have to get to school bye 9:40
just a tip, you're dragging everything out so now im kinda getting bored. i dont need to know whats in the second drawer, a simple 'i fixed my hair' would suffice.
tinab12345 tinab12345 Apr 11
Not just anyone... her father. I feel so bad that she has to go through this.
My little brother tried putting on his shoes once but he couldn't get them to fit right so he switched them so the right shoe ended up on his left foot and went to school that way I feel bad I never stopped him.
Oh girl that little angel is worth melting for 😍😍😍he's so adorable
NO199Silver NO199Silver Feb 18