Adopted By Jacksepticeye

Adopted By Jacksepticeye

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Jack (jacksepticeye ) lives in athlone, Ireland and adopts a little girl. He has a ex-girlfriend who won't stay out of his life.

Mark (markiplier ) has a crush on jack but won't tell him. He is depressed and wants to end it and die with his secret. Untell he meets jack's little girl mark's little mini me.

Echo is 8 years old and is bullied every day of her life. She has had three adoptive homes that bullied her along with her original family. Will she be able to feel loved in this next home or will she finally end it all.

TOP OF THE MORNIN TO YA LADDIES!!!! Hazel here and welcome to my first every book. I hope you like it. I'm sorry if my books make you cry. To warn you I may add in some bipolar music to chapters they fit well. Sorry if this description doesn't make sense I had to rewrite it dumbass wattpad deleted the original one (I still love you wattpad ♡♡) Ok hazel here will stop yappin' and start a writing. AND I'LL SEE ALL YOU DUDES IN THE BOOK!!!! (Hopefully)

~ ♡ hazel ♧

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