The Gangleaders Babygirl

The Gangleaders Babygirl

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Babyant123 By Babyant123 Updated Dec 12, 2016

Meet Angel Black, the innocent A+ student and daughter of a famous fashion designer and big ceo. Now expecting to be popular and big. Your wrong. She the nerd of the school with 2 freinds 

Now meet Angelo Delligatti. The Gangleader of the Bloodrose the most feared gang into the USA. Known for being ruthless, dangerous, full on Italian, and hot. He does whatever he wants and gets whatever he wants.

"You, babygirl are mine." He growled while nibbling on my ear 
"I - I ahhh" I moan as he kisses my neck

In the blink of an eye, his lips are on mine as I'm kissing back, pressing him against me letting my hands guide me to his soft hair. Feeling his tounge ask for entrance I decide to tease him and deny. Feeling a pinch at my behind that makes me gasp and he allows his tounge to slide in.
After losing to much oxygen he decides to pull away.

"Mine" he smirks

Your last pair of parents found out you were a unicorn and tried to experiment on you
naturallykurly naturallykurly Dec 25, 2016
U should be happy u don't got to go to or and u got a fine man that's a win win to me
Yep that's me in class I'm quiet but if you piss me off I'm gunna be sarcastic and a bitch back its fun
livinit livinit Feb 03
Am I the only one that goes bat shít crazy when someone touches my hair, because if I were her he would have lost a hand
BellzBlues BellzBlues Jan 24
So dramatic but intriguing, I'm just imagining when she says *the incident*, she's pulling a weird face with DUN DUN DUUUNNN
The one where your parents visited you in a dream and told you about your unicorn heritage and how you're the last on earth???