Inmate 1566 (A Joker fanfic)(complete-winner)

Inmate 1566 (A Joker fanfic)(complete-winner)

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Lokimakerofmischief By Lokimakerofmischief Updated Oct 14, 2016

The first book in the Inmate 1566 series

Winner of the Tv and Movie Awards 2017

When Inmate 1566 is sent to Arkham Asylum for psychiatric care, she soon catches everyone's eye, including the eye of a certain Clown Prince of Crime. The Joker sees a challenge once he first sets his cold dead eyes on the new girl, a woman with more potential than she probably realises, and a hell of a lot of sass . 

Outside of Arkham she goes by the Ring Mistress (a female Ringmaster) so what happens when the clown meets the Ring Mistress? Has he met his match?  Will it be a jolly circus or a recipe for disaster? And will he ever know her name? Well I'm not going to tell you now am I? No. That would be silly wouldn't it? Yes I think it would be. Why are you still here? Go on get ta movin!... Or readin... 

Joker can be any Joker on screen, Heath Ledger, Jared Leto... Whichever comes to mind, I'll probably use the image of Jared Leto, I think Jared's Joker appears younger. Anyway it will have his image, and then I'll use lines from whatever Joker, that way he's like a mix of all of them. 

Featuring Scarecrow, Riddler (or is it featuring Riddler?!), Harley Quinn and cameos from other incarnations of Batman (example: Dr Leland from the "mad love" episode of Batman: the animated series) the story also comes with extra... Things, at the end! Yay 

I do not give permission for this story or my characters (Joker etc. Belong to their rightful owners at DC comics) to be rewritten or copied in any way shape or form. If you want to write a Joker fic it's better if its your own idea and not someone else's. 

Warning! Lots of cursing, maybe some graphic and sexual scenes too, I like to curse. Hehehe

Read the entire series! 
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2. Inmate 1566: The Confidential Files

MandyQuinn96 MandyQuinn96 May 14, 2016
Aghhhhh this is sooooo good and soooo well written! I can't wait to read this!! 💚💚