Subaru Sakamaki one shot SubaruxReader

Subaru Sakamaki one shot SubaruxReader

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empty affections. / subaru sakamaki


'I will always be here for you.'

But where are you now?

'Whenever you need someone, I will be by your side no matter what.'

I need you now, but you are no where to be found.

'Never will I leave you in this god forsaken world all alone.'

But in the end, you left me like everyone else.

You tilt your head to rest on the cold, hard wall that you were supporting yourself with. One knee was brought up to your chest, an arm resting over it, as the other one lay limply on the carpet covered floor next to the other cloth covered leg.

The full moon had its rays of light adore the dark hallway, it being the only source of light. These were the nights that you would go out hunting for food, to fulfill your thirst for blood. But you didn't want to. You didn't want to hurt anyone. To make them die so path...

QuinnRiku QuinnRiku Aug 02
aphmau7 aphmau7 Aug 26
I am never eating a lollipop in frunt of my freinds thare are boys in my group of freinds
Popsicles, lolipops, corn dogs, even bananas are magicly inappropriate now...
Roxiella_ Roxiella_ Jun 25
Atlantis, under the sea, under the sea. Where r u now? Another dream. The monsters go wild inside of me. I'm faded
aphmau7 aphmau7 Aug 26
Me:is that a joke get out of my room or im gonna call you a prevy vampire
                              Subaru:.......😐😑😐....THATS LAITO
Moth? Ok, well. Its moth people! Moth is the new word for month! 😂