Endangered Species (Book Two of the Danger series)

Endangered Species (Book Two of the Danger series)

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Tiffany By heartofice97 Completed

It's not just Mason, Richard or Tyler Lockwood that has a supernatural family secret . . . Tyler's sister Kacie. Though, as still a human, she was compelled, even if she remembers, not to tell anyone about anything, the others worry about what would happen if she transforms and is no longer able to compel. Would she hate the gang, or feel used and lied to and betrayed, like Tyler, or will she let it all go? Will she leave with Tyler and Jules, or will she stay in Mystic Falls where anyone willing would kill her, even if she hadn't been made into a werewolf? 
And who will she feel most betrayed by? Elena, Bonnie? Jeremy? Caroline? 

Will she be on her own for the rest of her life?

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