Nandi | EDITING ✔

Nandi | EDITING ✔

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Flower Child 🌹 By AyeItsLylli Updated Dec 17, 2016


Not your average princess.

Nandi Zulu is a princess like no other. Born of royalty and having access to nothing but the finest things in life doesn't seem to have an effect on her. She's strong willed, bold, beautiful and broken inside.

With so much expected from her and so much going on, she finds herself spiralling out of control slowly. The arrival of pop star, Justin Bieber, shakes her world and, finally, life is really worth living...

But at what cost?

☆ Cover by -iphoneuser ☆

⚠ story contains mature content ⚠

This is the first time I'm reading of a character that is from SA 😂
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂bahahaha that a new one oh lord😂😂😂
missjameshoran1D missjameshoran1D May 03, 2016
I'm really loving this book and it's just the beginning 😍
Kenya got a preso I believe smh I low key want to see that royal stuff I see it in Nigerian movies 😍
honeycodiiene honeycodiiene Dec 31, 2016
I'm glad i live in florida its somewhat like sun city we have sunny weather and i love our beaches
She fine asf😍 n what country u from ? I'm from Kenya😁❤