1984 - A David Bowie Fanfic.

1984 - A David Bowie Fanfic.

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Bella Scott By BusyScott Updated Sep 28


10 years after Rosalind Chester meets her idol, David Bowie, it seems things have changed since they last met, making him even more powerful in music than ever before and her a successful business woman and a mother of two. 

Ros has still listened to David's music and is still faithful to him as a fan, even when the memories from the past hurt her. So what happens when David turns up at her doorstep after losing touch all those years ago?

Now that he's free of Angie Bowie, and ready to see Ros again after the pain of hearing the news she had a baby that wasn't his, is it finally time for Ros and David to get together? Or do the 80's make things even more complicated for the duo?

I haven't even been able to stop reading 1974. I'm going to cry when this is over
I'm happy everytime when I see your stories uploading..
                              I love them
When you gave your heart once, you will never be able to give it away
I already love this story!!! I am so glad you started the sequel, I am looking forward to the next chapter!! ✨💕
Aw... I hope she gets to see David again, maybe they can pick up the broken pieces of their love and put them back together.
As soon as I got the notification that this book was updated I got really, really, really, excited and started reading your chapter. Wonderfully written chapter!