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Alpha Reject

Alpha Reject

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@treesap27816 By treesap27816 Updated Apr 17, 2016

I looked at him, sparks flying between our touch. "You're're my mate!" I whispered excitedly. 
  He stared at me in disgust and distaste. "Me?! Your mate?! Haha yeah right!" He quickly covered up and laughed in mockery. 
  "But I feel the sparks.." I whimpered. 
  "And I feel pity for you to think that you could ever be my mate" his brown eyes staring at me unflinchingly. 
  "But the moon goddess paired us up!" I cried out. 
  "His grip on my shoulder tightened to the point where it became painful. "Are you high?! I could never be your mate? And whoever is your mate will reject you"
  I could understand the double meaning in his words and clenched my notebooks tighter. 
  "I Noah Sorinte reject you Athena Campbell as my mate and Luna" he mind linked me. 
  I turned away and ran from the scene, the sounds of my pack mates laughing at me. 
  Athena is an omega. She's the pack's personal maid. After being pushed around for a majority of her life, she draws the line when her mate rejects her. She runs away and vows to never come back again. 
  And she doesn't. But he does.
  Three years later, Noah's pack in desperate need of help due to reoccurring rouges. He's in for a surprise when he sees the mate he rejected  as the Luna of the most powerful Alpha in the continent. Eager to redeem himself, Noah attempts to get his mate back and prove that she belongs with him. But there's only so much he can do. He lost the best thing he could get. 
  Can this egotistical alpha get his soulmate back? Or will he learn to to pay the price?

Girl what are you doing!!! This a wattpad book!! You runaway then become super hot and come back!! DUH
isis_bastet isis_bastet May 12
I am hoping that this won't be cliche and the one who rejected actually does understand that there are consequences for choices and actions
Ahtomiax Ahtomiax Apr 20
I wouldnt have said or left anything lmao i wouldve dipped and just be done with it
Kick him in the dick or punch him in the throat.simple.👍🏼
Dear assholes pack members...welcome to your tape. 🖕🏼🖕🏼
xShe-Devilx xShe-Devilx Mar 27