The Second Chance of Love (The Moving On Series #1).

The Second Chance of Love (The Moving On Series #1).

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Ava life was perfect until she met her mate Nathaniel Mason when he hurts her and rejects her. Ava then decided moved on and she met Hunter Cross by accident after going for a run. He took her by surprise the moment he informed her that he will never let her go and that he will never hurt her. While there relationship bloomed and grow, Nathaniel get jealous.

True love doesn't have to written in the stairs sometimes it is written in our heart.

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  • wattys2014
Omg finally a shewolf with guts! Looks like someone finally heard my prayers😇
WazUpImAlex WazUpImAlex Nov 22, 2017
That's just... hariest (It's like racist but judging someone because of their hair colour. I made it up!)
faithfullymee faithfullymee Apr 29, 2017
Although I'd expect some pain I'm really liking the start. He doesn't deserve her so why should she stay stuck on him
44Bernard 44Bernard Oct 06, 2016
"Hell have no fury like a women scorned." Look out Nathan Mason!!!
Fly_Risk Fly_Risk Dec 31, 2013
I really like this story already, even thought is just the beginning. I like Ava's attitude