wrapped。 yoonseok

wrapped。 yoonseok

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☾I, Jung Hoseok, am a badass in my own nerdy ways. 

I do study. I do get good grades. I do get to school before anyone else. I do get nervous around attractive guys. 

But, I have one thing that every single person in my school envies me for. 

I have the school's bad boy wrapped around my finger.☽

[fluffy but contains angst]

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#58 in humor-07.05.16

I'm not the only one who said "international playboy" and said it with jungkooks voice
kimbokhoechicken kimbokhoechicken 4 days ago
Mr.finkleberry???? I didn't know I was reading tinker bell and the lost fairies
Mr_Min_ Mr_Min_ Mar 13
It would've been ironic if his favorite subject was literature 😂
Sounds like a pie 
                              Just imagine going to the bakery and the people there are like THE SPECIAL TODAY IS FINKLE BERRY PIE!
-kinghoseok -kinghoseok Mar 12
there's one in the korean boyband called exo-- why do you think unicorns aren't real? i'm offended
d a m n 
                              why so salty  :( 
                              it is a well known fact that unicorns are real.