wrapped。 yoonseok

wrapped。 yoonseok

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☾I, Jung Hoseok, am a badass in my own nerdy ways. 

I do study. I do get good grades. I do get to school before anyone else. I do get nervous around attractive guys. 

But, I have one thing that every single person in my school envies me for. 

I have the school's bad boy wrapped around my finger.☽

[fluffy but contains angst, trigger warning]

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vilvid vilvid 2 days ago
                              And there he is~ 
                              My ultimate bias thanks
Why do i feel like this is me?
                              Of course if i were to say that, I’d be joking but still i can relate 10/10
MylesMypadGeroche MylesMypadGeroche 2 days ago
I once accidentally tripped and my egg flew and I shouted "Oh no my egg flew in a parabola!!"
suckleberry suckleberry 19 hours ago
Oml I got in trouble once at school and the teacher didn't know my name yet so I told her it was Elvis Presley 
                              She really believed me
vilvid vilvid 2 days ago
BYUN BAEK YESSSSS THANKS but he to innocent to be a freaking slaughterer lmao
MilkingAround MilkingAround 4 days ago
Is this even a yoonseok fanfic??? Lol I ship everyone with everyone so I  don’t even know what ship I’m reading SiGH