Devil's Girlfriend [Karma × Reader]

Devil's Girlfriend [Karma × Reader]

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han By hhhaninaneul Updated Mar 14

You are a best assassin in the world. Your parents are an agents and want you to be assassin because they thinks it's really suits you well.
Your assassin teacher suggest you to be a student and a assassin in Class E.
But, your teacher warn you about your behavior in front of a boy.

Want to know more? Read please (9•A•)9

Sorry for grammar mistakes if you find it (/.\)

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My obsession in reading these kind of fanfic? Sorry but nope.
He is not awesome! He is...The best flipping thing in all the universes!
That_Crazy_Dot That_Crazy_Dot Jun 13, 2016
Ne, can I correct the mistakes?
So I got a bottle of life water last night and I was thinking if there's life water theres got to be death water too right🤔🤓💀👻👍👎
FluffyDunk FluffyDunk Aug 10, 2016
He didn't blow up the moon. The lab rat that was on the moon being experimented by the same substance as Koro-Sensei blew up the moon and died cuz it couldn't handle such strength.
AkiiFanfictions AkiiFanfictions Nov 29, 2016
Ummmm did you go full weeb in this book. I'm sorry if I offended you